Complementary advantages of LED bulbs

- May 08, 2018 -

The intrinsic characteristics of LEDs determine that it has many advantages, such as:

Small size

The LED is basically a small piece of chip encapsulated in the epoxy resin, so it is very small, very light.

Ii. Low power consumption Led power consumption is very low, DC drive, ultra-low power consumption (single tube 0.03-0.06 watts), electro-optic conversion close to 30%.

Generally speaking, the working voltage of the LED is 2-3.6v, the working current is 0.02-0.03a, that is to say, it consumes less than 0.1W of electricity, the same illumination effect is nearly 80% more energy saving than the traditional light source.

Third, long service life Some people call led light for longevity lamps.

It is a solid cold light source, epoxy resin packaging, lamp body also no loose parts, there is no filament light-emitting easy to burn, thermal deposition, light decay and other shortcomings, in the appropriate current and voltage, the service life of up to 60,000 to 100,000 hours, than the traditional light source life longer than 10 times times.

Four, high brightness, low heat

Led use of cold light-emitting technology, calorific value than ordinary lighting lamps much lower.

V. Environmental protection LED is made from non-toxic materials, unlike fluorescent lamps containing mercury can cause pollution, and led can also be recycled.

There is no ultraviolet and infra-red in the spectrum, there is no heat, no radiation, glare small, cold light source, can be safe to touch, belong to the typical green illumination light source

Vi. Rugged The LEDs are fully encapsulated in epoxy resins, which are stronger than light bulbs and fluorescent tubes.

The lamp body also has no loose part, makes the LED not easy to damage.

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