Frequently Asked Questions About Lighting

- Jun 15, 2018 -

Warm and Inviting are some of the words used to describes envirnments that contain lamps with a Correlated Color Temperature ( CCT )of 2700K. Coffee shops, retaurants, and hotel lobbies are a few applications in which cozy lighting enviornments are describle. Hospitals, cafetrias, classrooms, and conference rooms are areas where an image of neatness is important. Lamps that appear cool-measuring a CCT of 4000K. Most appropriate for these types of applicationss. By comparison, daylight measures 5000K, and neutral lamps have a CCT of 3000K.

The Color Rendering Index ( CRI ) is the reason that the clothing you thought matched so well at home seem to clash in the restaurant at work. The closer the CRI of a lamp is to 100, the more TRUE is renders color in the environment. For individuals, such as graphic artists who perform tasks that require color precision or discrimination, lamps with high CRI are recommended. Full-SPECTRUM lamps are available that offer a CRI of over 90.

As we can know that CCT and CRI we choose depends on its accasion and what atmosphere we would like to reveal.

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