Main features of Intelligent rearview mirror

- May 08, 2018 -

1, with wireless access to the Internet capacity: that is, support GPRS or 3G network or 4G network, while supporting WiFi.

2, has the open operating system: has the independent core processor (CPU) and the memory, may install more applications, causes the intelligent rearview mirror function to obtain the infinite protection exhibition. 3, Humanization: can expand the machine function according to individual need.

According to individual needs, the real-time expansion of the machine built-in functions, as well as software upgrades, intelligent identification software compatibility, to achieve the software market synchronization of human nature. 4, Powerful: scalable, Third-party software support more.

At the same time, its own GPS or Beidou positioning chip for navigation, rear-mounted camera for driving records, and even the use of radar detection head for mobile speed reminders. In appearance, the car intelligent rearview mirror compared to the ordinary car central rearview mirror, there is no particularly big difference, just more than the rear of the camera used for traffic records; in the Visual mirror,

built-in 4.3-inch or 5-inch capacitive touch screen for navigation and online multimedia video operation; individual intelligent rearview mirrors have buttons to touch under the mirror. For the intelligent rearview mirror users are concerned about the problem [5], is the quality and function. High and low temperature, a number of minor collisions, all affect the quality of the product; Real navigation, Bluetooth phone, speed warning, such as the stability of the product's function is good or bad credentials.

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