Market analysis of Intelligent rearview mirror

- May 08, 2018 -

According to the November 2014 domestic car sales data statistics show that the domestic narrow passenger car sales of 1,703,317 vehicles, an increase of 8.3%. One car sales volume of 1,085,648 vehicles, down 4.4%, January-November narrow passenger car cumulative sales of 16,500,428 vehicles, an increase of 12.4%, of which the total sales of cars 11,236,745, an increase of 3.7%.

If each intelligent rearview mirror is calculated at a price of 1000 yuan, this will be the more than 10 billion consumer market per year. Car intelligent rearview mirror will be connected with the Internet, car networking, things connected more and more closely, for many car drivers driving life to bring more security, entertainment and convenient application experience, smart rearview mirror will also become an indispensable vehicle configuration!

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