Overview of Intelligent rearview mirror

- May 08, 2018 -

Intelligent rearview mirror, usually refers to the car's intelligent rearview mirror, which has a stand-alone operating system, independent operation space, can be installed by the user's own software, games, navigation and other third-party providers of the program, and can be WiFi or mobile communication network to achieve wireless network access, while providing traffic records,

GPS positioning, electronic speed Alert, reversing the visual, real-time online audio-visual entertainment functions such as intelligent car rearview mirror .

Intelligent rearview mirror has excellent operating system, free installation of various types of software, touch-screen operation of these three characteristics, can provide voice control, navigation, speeding reminders, driving records and real-time online audio-visual and other driving car security and entertainment functions.  Nissan (nissan.com) , GM (gm.com), two of the world's leading carmakers, plans to install smart rearview mirrors on some of the cars in 2015, such as Cadillac CT6; App-tronics's smart rearview mirror SMARTNAV5 Won the United States the largest auto parts exhibition SEMA2014 Best Display Award.

The T1 Intelligent Rearview mirror (touchus.com) has also attracted much attention in the improvement of safety and entertainment in domestic automobiles. Smart mirrors are generally tested for extreme conditions, such as temperature ( -20~60℃), constant vibration, and so on, but if ultra-low or ultra high temperatures can also cause failure to work properly.

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