The main function of intelligent rearview mirror

- May 08, 2018 -

1. Driving Records

Use the built-in camera or a mounted camera to record the image of the car in front of the vehicle and the rear, and automatically save it in the smart rearview mirror storage device.

2, Speeding reminders

Intelligent rearview mirror operating system navigation software generally built-in fixed electronic speed warning, part of the intelligent rearview mirror with radar detection head, can be detected in real-time mobile speed and alarm sound, to avoid speeding, to ensure safe driving at any time.

3, reversing the visual

The smart rearview mirror, after installing the reversing camera, can display the image behind the car when reversing.

4. GPS positioning and navigation GPS, Beidou satellite or network real-time positioning, can be pre-installed by the Baidu map, the German navigation or Chemleader navigation and other navigation application software to achieve navigation, and voice broadcast navigation information.

After connecting the network, can also broadcast the real-time road condition, avoids the congestion.

5. Find the car location

The intelligent rearview mirror uses GPS, Beidou satellite or network location to obtain the exact location of the car, on an authorized smartphone or tablet computer, the specialized application software connected to the network can find the location of the car. 6, based on the support of Network Voice Command library, the operating system in the intelligent rear view mirror can accurately parse the user's voice command and make a response to realize the intelligent voice conversation of human and car.

Ability to recognize "call, open apps, play music, voice chat" voice.

7. Bluetooth Hands-free phone

Intelligent rearview mirror with smart phone, Sync mobile phone Address Book, call records, the realization of telephone answering, hanging, free of interruption function; Also can realize the car friend intercom, Bluetooth synchronous mobile music playback, built-in 3G network module, and car friends with WiFi sharing wireless network, online music, listening to news, installation such as micro-letter, micro-BO, mobile phone Taobao, Alipay, Himalaya, NetEase client, Tencent client and so on life and entertainment applications.

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