Introduction Of LED Bulb

- May 08, 2018 -

When lighting is brought up, people immediately think of the colorful lamps and lanterns in the lighting shop. Although these lamps are different in shape, but the core of its lighting---light bulbs In fact there are three kinds: incandescent and fluorescent, gas discharge lamp. However, this pattern will soon change, because the lighting field of a new star-led light bulb is moving towards a practical stage. Led was invented in the 1960s, in the following decades, its basic use as a radio recorder and other electronic equipment indicators. To give full play to the lighting potential of light-emitting diodes, scientists have developed new light-emitting diode bulbs and led air Vitamin net bulbs for illumination. The lamp has the characteristics of high efficiency and long life, and can be used continuously for 100,000 hours, 100 times times longer than the ordinary incandescent bulb.

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